• Auditoriums
  • Cafeterias
  • Lecture Halls
  • Music Rooms
  • Conference  Rooms
  • Restaurants

Specifications & Recommendations


Our panels are very effective absorbers of unwanted air borne sounds. The panels are applied to the walls and/or ceiling of the space in which these sounds are being produced. If provided in sufficient coverage, for example, the clarity of speech can be vastly improved. In fact, just about any space can be "deadened" by the application of our panels. So, if this is a requirement,  please contact us for some practical suggestions. However, conference facilities, performing arts, sound studios, etc. are projects best left for an acoustician's careful examination before procuring panels like ours because they can be far from simplistic, often requiring a range of complex acoustical issues such as careful attention to not providing too much sound absorption across the frequency spectrum, prevention of  sound transmission and improving acoustical privacy.  For example,  suppose, at great expense,  one constructs some very "sound proofed" walls enclosing a CEO's private office.  However, will it be any surprise if news of a impending merger or company "down sizing" goes galloping through a common duct between his office and the nearby mail room. 
The National Council of Acoustical Consultants,  an international  professional organization  whose membership includes many highly qualified architectural acoustical consultants,  can be reached by clicking on  their web site at:   http://www.ncac.com